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partner with a powerful brand and make your company the central spotlight of an outstanding experience.

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find the brightest minds in tech for your company! you will meet extraordinary professionals looking to create the next big thing: 3d modelers, tech savvies & architects, digital natives & more.

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expand your professional network with the very best experts in your industry! you will connect with potential partners to help you get your business to the next level, strategic collaborators to support you amplify your growth strategy, tech-influencers to help you enhance your company’s visibility and more!

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get your business into the center of attention and let your brand speak up! create an impressive activation that will capture the attention and leverage your company’s strength to the roof! you will have access to over 5000 tech & digital professionals from all over europe.

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get your tech company endorsed on digitalium’s impressive network of touchpoints: digital coverage, media & pr, podcasts, social media, brilliant communities of tech savvies, top influencers & more. you will access a complex and exclusive platform that will increase your company’s visibility.

access the immersive digitalium app for tech savvies

get your company highlighted in the event’s networking app, a digital platform that engages investors, high-end professionals, and tech savvies.

digitalium is called the next big thing techsival for 2 reasons:


it’s a completely immersive festival experience meant to challenge all your beliefs regarding tech events. digitalium is not like any regular conferences, but an amazing tech festival that you will remember for the years to come!


it’s the place to be if you want to discover the next big thing: whether that thing is in tech, digital, rockstars recruitment or innovation, this is where you will find them all.

future tech / digital platforms / startups / ai / cloud / blockchain / web 3.0 / metaverse / nfts / fintech / streaming / digital influencers / tech icons future tech / digital platforms / startups / ai / cloud / blockchain / web 3.0 / metaverse / nfts / fintech / streaming / digital influencers / tech icons

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