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digitalium’23 \ ExCell \ London - UK \ April 19th-20th \ 2023

ExCeL / London - UK / April 19th-20th / 2023

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future tech / digital platforms / startups / ai / cloud / blockchain / web 3.0 / metaverse / nfts / fintech / streaming / digital influencers / tech icons future tech / digital platforms / startups / ai / cloud / blockchain / web 3.0 / metaverse / nfts / fintech / streaming / digital influencers / tech icons
why to attend

step into the world of future technologies

digitalium is the techsival - a festival of cutting-edge
tech innovations.
iconic & visionary leaders meet here to create
the new digital world through brilliant ideas.

  • join 2 days of memorable topics and iconic thinkers. discover the latest trends about possible futures.
  • the amazing techsival unities vcs, investors and tech influencers
    to solve complex challenges. The perfect medium where visionaries connect with investors.
  • this is not a conference, this is the gathering of the most innovative tech leaders.

discover tech with global impact

why to attend
why to attend

influencers in tech meet here to discover:

spectacular product & services

discover amazing products & services before anyone else!
let yourself be surprised by the unexpected.

tech showcases

experience memorable showcases prepared by
the most brilliant innovators in tech.

future-shaping inspirational ideas

learn from the most iconic thinkers of our times!
you will enjoy highly curated inspirational content.

trends of

be the first to learn about ascending trends
impacting humanity.

high-brow connections and

find the very best experts in your industry!
if someone is a great name in tech, they will be here.

high-profile investors
speed meetings

this is the moment you have been waiting for! connect with
high-profile investors to get your startup into the scaleup phase.

early stage web 3.0

connect with international authorities and big projects in blockchain, nfts, decentralization, a.i. and more. all under the same rooftop.

you. can’t. miss. this.

who is coming

tech visionaries and creators of the future meet in london

join the innovation sprint with the best:

tech superstars world famous entrepreneurs blockchain projects big tech companies fintech xr, vr and ar companies startups investors and VCs web 3.0 artists digital creators tech influencers crypto exchanges
nft access

event access also based on digitalium nfts

more info coming soon
why to attend

8 iconic thinkers

to be announced

don’t miss the opportunity to rub shoulders with the most affluent tech stars

join the movement

generation digital first

create the future through disruptive ideas and amazing technologies

let’s meet in london,
europe’s largest & most innovative tech hub


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